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Solent protection Society

Name and address of organisation

Solent Protection Society
PO Box 449
SO41 1FD

Main contact David Sizer, Council Chairman
Type of organisation Registered Charity (No. 236539).
Terms of reference "The objective of the Society is to safeguard the amenities of the Solent and do everything possible to preserve its beauty for our own and future generations..." This quotation is supported by an extensive range of issues that are connected with the well-being of the area as a whole.
Membership Currently 1,000 personal members and some 120 corporate members, the latter including like-minded bodies, harbour authorities, commercial interests, yacht clubs, etc.
Geographical Area The tidal waters east of a line between Hurst Castle and The Needles and west of a line between the Foreland (IoW) to Selsey Bill.
Publications View newsletter.
Relevant projects/initiatives These may be summarised as:
  • The need to recognise that the Solent is a finite environment entity and as such it deserves a co-ordinated approach to the exploitation of its resources.
  • The protection of Solent shoreline areas, the containment of all forms of pollution, the effective limitation of dredging for building aggregates, recognition of the claims of conflicting interests, etc.
  • Pursuit of an integrated approach in conjunction with all statutory bodies that pursue objectives which have a bearing on the Solent’s well-being.
Affiliations The Civic Trust and (informally) with other like-minded bodies of either quasi-official or unofficial standing which support an informed and practical approach to any matters arising in the Solent.