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Turning the plastic tide

Posted 14/09/2017 08:22

The Isle of Wight Council is working with volunteers and recycling company, TerraCycle, to recycle rigid plastic from Island beaches. Thanks to an innovative project, the waste collected from beaches on the Island is now being given a second life in the form of shampoo bottles made from up to 25 per cent recycled beach plastic; as well as recycled benches, waste bins and watering cans.

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Recording Mesolithic Wood

Posted 07/09/2017 08:49

On Tuesday 12th September the Maritime Archaeology Trust is running a special session on learning how to record the Mesolithic wood recovered from the submerged settlement site at Bouldnor Cliff! The session will take place 10-4pm at the National Oceanography Centre's core store in Southampton.

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The Great British Beach Clean seeks volunteers

Posted 24/08/2017 11:45

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), is looking for volunteers to get on board with the UK’s biggest beach clean event from 15th to 18th September.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth Arrives

Posted 21/08/2017 11:48

Britain's future flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed into her home port of Portsmouth on 16th August.

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Langstone Harbour Coastal Restoration Project

Posted 28/07/2017 09:53

The Environment Agency are to undertake a new managed realignment project at Southmoor, Langstone Harbour. This project will involve building a new seawall at the back of the site and placing a breach in the old seawall to allow the sea to flow gently into the site on each tide.

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Notification of publication of Coastal Access Report: Portsmouth to South Hayling

Posted 19/07/2017 11:18

On Wednesday 19 July 2017 Natural England submitted its report to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs setting out its proposals for improved access to the coast between Portsmouth to South Hayling. These proposals form part of a programme to establish a continuous walking route around England’s coastline, as set out in the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (MCA).

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Bird Aware Solent - Consultation on Definitive Mitigation Strategy

Posted 18/07/2017 09:49

The Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership (SRMP) is the formal name for the Bird Aware Solent initiative.

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Self-service for Marine Licences

Posted 17/07/2017 08:33

The MMO has introduced an automated process for obtaining permission to carry out activities which are a low risk to the marine environment. Applicants are now able to self-assess their proposals against specific criteria using a new assistance tool. Where projects qualify they can complete an online form and instantly get a licence for their activity.

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View the new UK 2015 national dataset of marine vessel traffic

Posted 30/06/2017 11:16

ABPmer has made available for viewing a new national dataset of marine vessel traffic for the UK.

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Southern Water Bathing Water enhancement programme

Posted 15/05/2017 11:00

Southern Water have now identified the seven locations where they will work with local authorities, the Environment Agency and other organisations to find and fix the causes of pollution which are preventing the bathing water from being consistently rated Excellent.

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Ultra-large MOL Triumph container ship docks in Southampton - 11/5/17

Posted 13/05/2017 15:10

The biggest ship to dock in the UK has arrived in Southampton. The 400m-long MOL Triumph is the first of a new type of ultra-large container vessel to enter service this year. Its operators claim it is more fuel efficient than previous carriers. Built by Samsung in South Korea, the ship will run between Chinese and European ports. It can hold the equivalent of 20,170 containers.

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EAC Publishes Critical Report on MPA Progress

Posted 25/04/2017 11:45

The Environmental Audit Committee is disappointed with the government's lack of ambition on designated Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

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Major New Investment at Fawley

Posted 04/04/2017 11:22

Hampshire's biggest heavy industrial site has seen a £28m investment. ExxonMobil has pumped the cash into Fawley Refinery where they have built a new plant to produce Isopar products – described as a “new family” of solvents – which are used as a base in paints, inks, air fresheners and cosmetics.

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Island coastal studies planned

Posted 04/04/2017 11:38

The Isle of Wight Council is to undertake two studies to understand the future coastal erosion and coastal flood defence needs of Sandown Bay and Ventnor.

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New Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters - 3/3/17

Posted 06/03/2017 15:39

The Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters, the latest addition to The Green Blue’s suite of handy leaflets, is designed to advise boaters on how to get the best experience out of their wildlife encounters by acting responsibly and cautiously to minimise the risk of disturbance while keeping participants and their boats safe. To complement the guide, The Green Blue is also launching Writing a Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters to help non-boating specific organisations when developing local codes of practice for water users. Visit the Guide.

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