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Who Are We?

The Three Harbours is a partnership of organisations working together to restore the landscape across the Three Harbours of Langstone, Chichester and Pagham focussing on water quality, biodiversity and carbon capture.

The Partnership recognises that existing efforts to protect and restore our landscapes are failing. The resources and expertise from numerous organisations attempting to tackle the threats and pressures on our natural systems are spread too thinly across a multitude of stakeholders, projects and initiatives. We need a clear strategy to focus on the priorities and get all partners pulling in the same direction.

The strategy will identify the points of leverage that will make the most difference and the modern tools that value natural capital and drive investment in recovery at pace and at scale. Based on this strategy, we will draw together an integrated plan with partners, broader stakeholders and the public, that captures all the activity that is taking place and what we will do to accelerate restoration. We intend to consult on our draft strategy in early 2024.

This Stakeholder Overview gives further detail on what the partnership is looking to achieve and a list of current partners.

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The Three Harbours has defined a clear vision for the future in 2050:

We envisage a healthy and thriving water environment where restored and connected sea and landscapes are resilient to a new climate reality, enabling people and nature to adapt and flourish - together.


To achieve this vision we will:

Reverse the decline and help nature thrive across Chichester, Langstone and Pagham harbours, through the expertise, network and resource of the Partnership.

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