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Solent Plastics Pollution Hub

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The Solent Forum are working in partnership with the Environment Agency to deliver a Solent Plastics Pollution Hub (SPP). This hub, which will link closely with our Clean Solent Shores and Seas Project, will support and provide a legacy output for the Agency's Preventing Plastics Pollution Project. SPP work commenced in July 2021, we will work with the PPP project until March 2023 and then continue the legacy outputs thereafter.

The objective of the new hub is to:

'Provide a plastics and litter hub for the Solent and its river catchments, to promote and share information and best practice on plastics and litter clean up and reduction, building on the community network created within the Interreg Preventing Plastics Pollution project'.

The hub will support communication and resources, ideas sharing and event planning between established groups. It will also help members of the public to identify groups and events to get involved with as well as directing them to resources to help inspire behavioural change. Visit our facebook page for the latest public information and events.

Local and National Litter Initiatives

The Solent Forum has already collated a whole series of information and links to initatives on litter collection for its Clean Solent Shores and Seas programme. This includes work both local to the Solent and nationally.

River Catchment Information on Litter and Plastics

Forthcoming Content

  1. Funds and Grants
  2. Waste Management - links to LA waste departments
  3. Health and safety
  4. Links to local groups and organisations
  5. Litter data recording and data submission
  6. Litter picking equipment