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Solent Information Database

The purpose of the Solent Information Database is to help the Solent’s coastal community to identify material of interest and signpost them to it; it is a metadatabase, the Forum does not hold the actual data but we provide a summary about the information and a link to it. We welcome details of reports (hard copy and electronic), proceedings, photo libraries, surveys, books, code of practices, etc for inclusion. All material needs to relate to coastal issues, but it need not be specific to the Solent where it covers the coast more generally, for example national government marine reports.

What sort of information can be found on the database?

You can search by area or topic. Examples of topics are listed below.

Submitting Information

Please submit the following information to the Forum Office to include your material in the database.

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Topic
  4. Year of Completion
  5. Status
  6. Region
  7. Abstract
  8. How to Access
  9. Use Constraints
  10. Data holder