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'Secrets of the Solent' Wins HLF Funding

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has been awarded a £640,300 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant to deliver an exciting programme called ‘Secrets of the Solent’.

The Solent is one of the liveliest straits in the UK, supporting important industries, fisheries and leisure businesses. Thousands live and work alongside the Solent and many more visit every year, yet very few are aware of the incredible, hidden life under the surface, including beautiful seagrass meadows, seahorses and cuttlefish.

Local seas are, however, under real pressure from plastics, pollution and damaging activities and marine wildlife has declined rapidly in recent years.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust will work with a wide range of local organisations and a large team of volunteers, to make sure that more people appreciate, understand and support the Solent.

Posted 17/04/2018 15:04

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