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New Investment at the The National Museum of the Royal Navy

Details of how The National Museum of the Royal Navy is to invest almost £33million in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the wider city over the next two years have been unveiled.

Developing major new exhibitions and interpretation alongside finalising major museum projects are at the heart of the investment. It follows the news of a record breaking year for visitor numbers and economic impact figures that state that Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which is managed by the National Museum, brings £110million p.a. for Portsmouth.

The plans were unveiled on the eve of a public consultation about the final resting place for the National Museum’s Landing Craft Tank LCT 7074 at the D-Day Story, Southsea. The £5million project secures the long term future of the sole surviving landing craft from D-Day.

Nearly £100,000 has been invested in three exhibitions this year. Silent and Secret at Gosport’s Royal Navy Submarine Museum will focus on the 50th anniversary of the Royal Navy’s first Polaris nuclear ballistic missile submarine.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is also hosting a major new temporary exhibition for 2018; Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed. The exhibition offers a genuinely ground-breaking and comprehensive history of British tattooing.

Opening in March is Shipyard by Lachlan Goudie. For the last seven years, renowned Scottish artist Lachlan Goudie, who was a contributor on BBC’s Big Painting Challenge, has been sketching and painting in the BAE shipyards on the Clyde and Forth capturing aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and the newest destroyers.

Also announced is a major new £1million permanent gallery on Coastal Forces, the Spitfires of the Sea, which will open in 2019 at Gosport’s Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower.

Posted 21/02/2018 10:31

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