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Solent Forum Business Plan and Work Programme

Business Planning

The Solent Forum has published its 2020 - 2025 Business Plan

A  list of resources can be found below which supported the preparation of the plan.  This includes the methodology and scope; a review of the previous business plan; Horizon Scanning 2019; Members' Survey Report and findings of the Business Planning Workshop held in September 2019. 

Horizon Scanning and Annual Members' Survey

The Business Plan is informed by an annual Horizon Scanning exercise undertaken by Forum staff; it supplements the 5 year Business Planning cycle, and ensures that we can stay abreast of shorter term developments.

The Survey is designed to find out your most important coastal and marine work areas in the Solent, any partnership working you may be undertaking and how you think the Forum can help to faciliate members' work. The results will inform the Solent Forum’s Annual Horizon Scanning which takes place each July, as well as helping to set our work programme and annual programme of events and meetings.

It should take 10 minutes to complete. If you represent more than one organisation you are welcome to submit more than on response, but please make this clear in your Survey return.

Work Programme and Annual Report

The Forum develops its annual work programme each February, based upon the Business Plan and guidance from its Steering Group. The Forum's annual report is published each March and shows progress against the business plan work programme.

Business Plan Resources