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Greater Solent Project Tracker

The Environment Agency and Natural England have developed a Project reference ‘tool’ which can be used by external organisations to see what projects are happening in the Solent & Sussex catchments. The project list also includes partners’ project and those ‘under development’. They have included marine and terrestrial projects because of the links between land and sea e.g. diffuse pollution flows via the groundwater or rivers to the sea, migratory fish use freshwater and marine habitats during their life cycle, etc – this is an example of taking an integrated and ‘whole scape’ approach to catchment management (Source to Sea/cross catchments). The feedback from partners has been really positive – they think it’s a really useful source of information to help them identify and plan work.

There are multiple benefits to this approach, through raising awareness of important issues and maximising opportunities to work collaboratively. In doing so, it can help attract funding and partners, add credibility, open up funding opportunities, and enable the sharing of expertise and knowledge. This in turn should lead to improved knowledge or improvements for people and wildlife. The Project tool can be found below, it will be updated in May and October each year.