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Coastal Funding streams

As part of its service for its members, the Solent Forum publicises coastal funding streams and provides links to useful resources on this topic (see below). We also held a workshop in November 2018 in Winchester for members to help them think think about potential projects for Bids and how to prepare for the greatest chance of success.

Coastal Funding Workshop (Nov 2018)

The Solent Forum held a Strategic Coastal Opportunities Workshop on 7 November 2018 for its members. Its purpose was to help Solent Forum members and other key interested parties think about and prepare for bidding for future coastal funding streams. The main funding streams to date have been the Coastal Communities Fund (CCF), which is currently in its fifth round, and the Coastal Revival Fund (funding of heritage assets). The CCF programme funds projects over £50,000 that will ultimately lead to regeneration and economic growth whilst directly or indirectly safeguarding and creating sustainable jobs. However the CCF stream is currently under review, and we will need to wait until next year’s spending review to see how it may change, see below.

‘The Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns was appointed on the 17th of May and will report by the 31st March 2019. The main focus of the Select Committee is collating evidence to support the continuation of the Coastal Communities Fund, and in particular hard evidence of successes from CCF investment is sought’. 

The geographical focus of this workshop was the area covered by the remit of the Solent Forum.

Workshop Objectives

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