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Solent Water Quality and Boating

In June 2019, the Environment Agency and Natural England hosted a ‘Solent boating and water quality workshop’. Its aim was to look at ways to to change recreational boating behaviour, and improve waste disposal facilities to reduce the risk of pollution from discharges of ‘black water’. It is important to tackle the sources of bacterial contamination as it can put peoples’ health at risk, and effect local communities and the economy, when any one of the Solent's 22 bathing beaches or 18 shellfish harvesting areas are impacted.

Workshop 20 October 2020

There is a great deal of enthusiasm to conttine to work together as a ‘Community of Practice’ and keep the momentum going to improve water quality from recreational boating related activities in the Solent & Poole Harbour area. We would therefore like to invite you to join a virtual event where we will share some of the great initiatives that have been taken forward, and information that will help us make the steps towards achieving the changes needed. A Zoom invite has been sent out to relevant people.
The event will include the following talks, and then a discussion session:

Workshop Resources from June 2019