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Bembridge Harbour Plans

In December 2015, the Isle of Wight Council issued a resolution to grant planning approval, subject to a Section 106 Planning Agreement, for the new Bembridge Harbour facilities complex and other benefits to be constructed in a phased plan, before the 13 houses are built together with an obligation for any ‘excess’ profit to be reinvested within the Harbour.

In the following February, Bembridge Harbour Trust issued a legal paper setting out their reasons that four procedural aspects had not been processed correctly when the planning application was considered. During the intervening months, all the reasons raised by the Trust have been reconsidered by the Council in conjunction with a QC planning barrister, Natural England, the Environment Agency and the District Valuer Services.

A full report was reviewed at a planning committee meeting on 12th December 2017. The planning committee voted in favour of approval as an endorsement of the original decision. There are some slight revisions to the presently agreed Section 106 Planning Agreement, to enable the document to be agreed and signed, and to allow the development plans to commence.

The ‘master programme’ originally drafted in January 2016 is now being updated and revised.

Posted 22/01/2018 10:09

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