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Solent Forum Members Meeting

Solent Forum Members Meetings

Autumn 2019 Meeting

The Autumn 2019 meeting will take place on Wednesday 2 October 2019 at Northwood House, Cowes Isle of Wight. Forum members please contact the Forum Office if you would like a speaking or hot topic slot.

Spring 2019 Meeting

The Forum met on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

View the presentations:

The marine pioneer is a project established to inform the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan by understanding how a natural capital approach could be implemented for the marine environment.

The project’s goal is to enhance and protect coastal and transitional water ecosystems in cross-border Channel regions. The integration of habitats for marine organisms directly into the marine infrastructures will be the main innovation of the project.

This SCOPAC funded research project focuses on the dynamics of vegetated shingle at Hurst Spit, in response to the extreme storms of 2013/14 and resultant beach management activities.

This presentation gives a brief introduction and outline for the recently awarded EU Interreg Channel funded project RaNTrans (RApid reduction of Nutrients in TRANSitional waters).